Quick thoughts about me jumping back into fighting games.

I believe it has been now 9 months since the last time I actually entered a fighting game tournament.  I’ve attended some to watch, but I was not really comfortable playing at all.  I guess one of the things I lost in some of this self-recreation of myself is that I sort of lost why I play in the beginning.

It’s not like eleven years ago where I wanted to crush things big time in fighters.  I believe that year five into playing, I wanted to create things.  I wanted to study, and understand why people made the decisions they did, and how those very decisions in a split second could cost you a match.

Now, I look on the main discussion forum, and I see how people talk about the games I play in a way where if you aren’t playing on a stream, beating the 10-15 big players who place in all of the big tournaments, you are pretty much irrelevant.  It kind of sucks, because a lot of insight and beliefs get dismissed and thrown to the side because it isn’t “stream practical” as I like to call it.

I went on a crusade for a short time a few months ago with my main character in Street Fighter 4 which is Yun.  I kept seeing that there are people still out there using outdated techniques with him, so I decided to go and create new things.  Things where, no one has seen before.  Then, I started up a discussion with my findings, and now that is flourishing even though I have not shared anything in a bit (I should get back on it though).

It’s this camaraderie that I don’t see from people these days.  I see more people tear people down in today’s games than to try to take a game and make it as fun or as broken as possible.  More over, I think that with the option to patch games now, it seems pointless to really let a game just play out for a while.  You can just complain and complain and POOF!  Whatever you just complained about, just got either eradicated or nerfed.  It’s kind of shameful.

As for me, I jump back into the fray of fighting game tournaments next weekend with a small tournament on the other side of town.  I don’t really care if I win anymore.  I guess if you’re eleven years in, you just feel differently about things.  Perhaps, it is just me however.  I just want to create honestly in fighters.  So, I’ll just have fun.

Well, that, and to commentate, I really like commentating on games now.  But we will see.


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