Amazing #3: The Tribute.

This morning, while I was heading home from a failed excursion, I got news that shattered a dream of mine. On top of that, I found out that someone close to me has died.

I’m going to tribute to this person for the next two weeks. It is Halloween, right? Normally, I usually tend to have the better costumes out of the bunch. This year however, I think I’m not going to dress up. In addition, I’m going to wear a ribbon on my arm of my friend’s favorite color, blue.

This is not only to mourn my friend, but also to mourn the people who are fighting, just like me, to one day become stable. Normally, I would rock green because that is the color for bipolar disorder, and who knows I may rock that with the blue ribbon. However, I think that this is the best I can do since I can’t go to the funeral.

To my friend, you take care. You lived a good life for sure dude. Sucks you can’t listen to this song, because there was something about you that brings hope to a lot of us in the community we were a part of.


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