Updates! And a brief message.

I made some quick updates!

First, the change to template is one to reflect my favorite color, silver.  It’s a minimal theme since I like a minimalistic approach to most things, and it’s easier to read!

I’ve also changed the title of this blog from “The World God Only Knows” to “The Jet Life Chronicles”.  Here is a great definition from urban dictionary for the phrase jet life:

To be happy, to be positive, to see all good and be of good spirit, to have fun and enjoy life. Being a super great friend and family, a JET LIFE

I’ve been meditating about a greek phliloshophical term lately called Sophrosyne.  This term basically has to do with healthy-minded practices.  Pretty much practicing self-control and moderation by way of obtaining knowledge and balance.  This was actually a greek goddess in mythology, and in the Chinese circles, this term means purity, integrity, and virginity.  I feel like this is the best way for myself to approach my life.

I feel like the earlier content in my attempt at the 30 day challenge was tainted because I feel like I went too fast.  My birthday was coming up, and I think I had many manic episodes that tainted the message I feel I may have been trying to send.  And I stopped writing for few months after the stuff happened.  I don’t know if I want to run that back or not, because it could happen again.  But I learned from it, and while I practice moderation and self-control while having an illness that is the opposite of those things, it will be tough.

But still, hopefully the content from here on will be as clear as I can get it.  Keep in mind I am still struggling with a disorder that will mess with my mind, but I will try my best to keep my message clear.

Finally, I updated my about section!  Give it a look if you’d like!


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