Quick Update!

Just wanted to let people know what is going on and such!

Gone is the project I did over the summer, the 30 day challenge. With the direction that I want this blog to take, I think that the content in those posts was not consistent with the vision I now have for this.

What I ultimately want to do is use this as a tool for my progress in my ongoing recovery with my struggle with Bipolar Disorder Type 2. As I take my medication, and go through therapy to learn new coping techniques, I will hopefully get strong enough to share with you guys!

Also, I would like to use this to try and find helpful things over the internet to stop the stigma that goes on with mental illness. I truly feel like there are a lot of beautiful minds out there to unlock if we get the awareness, and we show a little more hope to people. Hopefully, this blog may be able to help with that in the future.

Music section should be updated soon too. I got the winter stuff ready, but I have a new phone, and I don’t know how to download music to it just yet.

And lastly, my end of the year post/2014 resolutions post will be next Tuesday on New Year’s Eve! Being that I started this blog in April of this year, I will let you new suscribers in on what happened to me from when January to when I got started with this! Stay tuned!

And for those who do read my nonsense, thanks. I really appreciate it.

Last but not least, here is a spiffy remix of Stoneman’s stage from Megaman 5 for you Megaman fans out there!  Merry Christmas!