Rocky times ahead?!

I’m going to share with you an excerpt of my 2014 horoscope.  As you may know if you follow this for a good bit, I am a Cancer.  I am one of those types who do look at this stuff on a somewhat common basis.  Anyway, here it is:

Late January and mid-April may be critical periods for you this year, times when extreme emotions and challenges could arise to rock your world. Yet these are also periods when you can make major breakthroughs, especially regarding resources. That’s because Jupiter opposes potent Pluto during both of these times, which tends to push emotions and circumstances to their limits. Fear of loss and even encountering economic and relationship threats are possible risks.

However, sometimes we must go further than is comfortable to uncover the truth. Letting go of old images of yourself and investigating others more thoroughly can show you where barriers lie and where untapped resources can make your life much more fulfilling. If you’re uncomfortable with some people, don’t shy away from facing those feelings but do something about them.

I read this on New Year’s, and I didn’t really understand what it meant in my life at the time.  As a matter of fact, I actually think that this did not come to me until 45 minutes before I decide that I was going to write this entry. 

There is also this thing on this site that they have that are called “Super Nova Days”.  These are apparently a series of days that i guess you are supposed to be aware of.  Anyway, the last day of this month is my next Super Nova day.  Let me share that with you guys:

Philosophical Jupiter in your sign makes you passionate about your beliefs but could go to extremes when opposing intense Pluto. Speaking your truth is important — just be careful of where and how you do it.

This year, I wanted to put more focus on building a foundation for my future.  As I start to grow in understanding my own illness, and furthering my recovery, I can feel like I can be a bit more confident about of my abilities.  The things that I quoted in this entry aren’t here for me to spin to that at all.  These are more like things that I should meditate on.

I took these two entries from this website, and I completely thought about how my life is constructed currently.  I am not in a bad position really.  If I were to really describe it, I’m more stagnated in where I am in life at this point.  For me, one who is constantly in a recovery state, this is actually really good.  I think about the last two entries however, and I think the me that wrote those, knows that I can do a lot more than just stay stationary at one point.

I think there are some good tweaks that I have thought about just in constructing this that I can do to make to push forward in a positive way.  Here are some that I am gonna get try and moderate as the year progresses:

  1. Social Media moderation(try and moderate things, as I post a ton on em)
  2. Implement a solid light home workout regimen
  3. Target the people who will bring out the best in me, and then do everything I can to stick around them
  4. Actually go to a fighthing game tournament, and depending on my health, compete
  5. Eradicating people that I don’t feel like will do me any good in my life

Although I am human, and I will have my mishaps, and slipups….which may or may not be due to a cycle of hypomania or depression, I want to try hard to put these into my routine.


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