6 Reasons You Should Own Your Mental Illness

This is a really good read. As a bipolar patient, and throughout all of mental health, I feel like the words are very important as you should really own your illness. After all, it’s a part of you, right?

Thought Catalog

Sadie HernandezSadie Hernandez

It wasn’t until my Junior year of college that I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. I had been previously diagnosed with depression but no combination of medications ever seemed to work. When I told my Psychiatrist that when I wasn’t feeling low I was committing to too many projects, sleeping 3 hours a night, and feeling like my brain would implode from racing thoughts and concerns the diagnosis changed. I remember being in high school and my friends commenting that my interests were erratic and I changed my mind about things constantly. At first I thought…yikes. How will I tell my family about this, friends, a lover, anyone? How will I ever control and possibly even hide this thing so no one suspects anything is different?

I struggled for about a year to reconcile my expectations of myself with my diagnosis. I once heard two older women…

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