Clue #1: Courage.

This is a song that I stumbled upon listening to the American Top 40 today.  It’s lyrics mirror the feelings that I share during this weekend’s happenings.

I did many corageous things.  I kissed five girls by asking them three questions.  I stood at the brink of one event severely crippling the social status that I built over the years.  I drank like I was 23 again.  I danced knowing that my foot was killing me.  There’s many other things that I did.

However, I sit here today, reflecting on everything that happened to me this weekend.  The weekend is bittersweet and has left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  I learned to turn fear into strength, but it was a reminder to me to slow down.  I did all of that stuff, and deep down I felt empty.  Perhaps it’s because I’m still in a big turning point in my life.

But, the clue of courage, is something that I picked up this weekend.  Courage, is something that I have lacked for all of my life.  I’m always safe, and backing away from the moment.  If I’m going to really acheive the amazing thing I really want to do, I have to be brave.  I have to face whatever that is head on.  No matter what I feel like that is, I will stand firm from here on in.